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Advising businesses and professionals in a world of increasing complexity.

In order to navigate an uncertain future we must understand the lessons of the past. In my 35+ year career restructuring underperforming businesses and serving as a Trade Policy Advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce, I have built successful enterprises and shaped trade policy that has allowed my stakeholders to adapt and thrive in varying economic regimes.

I have charted the waves of globalization and know the current scenario well. It is evident that we are returning to more segmented economies. My associates and I are uniquely positioned to advise organizations through this complicated, but familiar territory.​

Strategic Partnerships

Michael Brummer & Associates
is proud to announce a formal 
strategic partnership with Gary Stanley of Global Mineral Strategies.
Michael Brummer & Associates
Michael Brummer; CEO
Mr. Brummer has consistently embodied a consultative leadership style, showcasing aptitude to drive growth through visionary thinking, innovation, and situational analysis.
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Global Mineral Strategies, LLC

Gary Stanley; President

Mr. Stanley's extensive career in government service in the development and implementation of national trade policy provides a valuable resource to those seeking timely, strategic advice.

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