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Throughout my career, I have made significant contributions to US trade policy. During the Clinton administration, I coauthored the position paper for the U.S. government's negotiators in the pulp and paper industry's role in China's accession to the WTO. Under the George W. Bush Jr. administration, I successfully initiated a lawsuit against the USTR due to irregularities in the consultative process of the CAFTA Trade Treaty, resulting in transformative changes in government-private sector communication. In the Trump administration, I played a crucial role in writing the position paper for the US government regarding the forest products industry in the China Phase 1 Trade Agreement.

Additionally, through proactive engagement with senior Department of Commerce officials, I facilitated time-sensitive data collection efforts that produced deliverables that went directly to senior decision-makers at the highest levels of the executive branch.

Supply Chain Resilience Strategies

As an accomplished interim CEO and COO, I leverage my expertise to optimize supply chains and streamline operations. Notable achievements include leading the successful restructuring of a regional master distributor for flooring lines, overseeing the Article 9 sale of a distressed office products manufacturer, and leading facilities consolidation and technology integration of a digital media production company.

Corporate Restructuring & Exits

I have extensive experience in corporate restructuring, particularly in navigating Chapter 11 processes. For a custom paper converting and brokerage business, I led a successful restructuring effort resulting in reduced claims and returns by over 95%, and restored profitability within the first four months. As CRO for a heavy equipment sales and service business, I guided the company through a Chapter 11 restructuring, retired debt, and eventually sold the business to a strategic buyer. I also played a critical role as a consultant in the Chapter 11 restructurings of a VOIP telephone company and copper powder manufacturer. Lastly, I worked as a board member on the successful Chapter 11 auction of the assets of Strauss automotive. Throughout these endeavors, my focus was on optimizing resources, strategic reengineering, and maximizing returns for stakeholders.

Mergers & Acquisitions

I have successfully led various businesses through mergers and acquisitions, ensuring their smooth transition and growth. As the COO of a Recycled Paper Board Mill, I demonstrated proficiency in strategic planning and effective execution, which ultimately led to the profitable sale of the company's assets. As the CEO of a premium custom office furniture manufacturer, I restructured operations and achieved exceptional financial results for corporate stakeholders.

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